Monday, August 14, 2017

looking cute for Neigh neigh time: Gap PJ's 40% off

I have a thing for cute matching PJ's and at 40% off and free shopping at GAP right now its a great time to stock up!!!! Now I must admit I am a hanna andersson PJ lover so these were the first pair of PJ's I have purchased! So far so good...washing on HOT with no shrinkage and the hand and foot holes are big enough for my giants hands and feet ( we got 3T).  So grab your little babes some and hopefully they are all going 
nigh nigh ( night-night)

Friday, August 11, 2017

Favorite last of summer Loft sale picks!

Yay for many many many more weeks of summer here in Atlanta! Maybe not yay yay ugh humidity and back sweat but yay in the way that you can wear sale items!!!! Loved this combo with all the colors!!! Looking back at picks I would probably size DOWN in both these items =) Links to buy below!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Banana Republic sale 40% off!

Can't beat pineapple embellishments and scallop shorts all on sale with an additional 40% off with CODE: BRSURPRISE .

These shorts fit like a dream and at the sale price of $23 bucks they were a must have for me! The length is a bit longer but not quite bermuda and the fabric is super soft but still structured! 

Pineapples made out of jewels YES YES YES I couldn't find this exact top online but linked some similar ones that are still on super sale. 

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Give me all the Chambray dresses!!!! Francesca's $30 dress sale

I have never met a chambray dress with fun details I didn't like! Its a problem I have given into time and time again. I even have a chambray section in my closet ;). So of course earlier this summer I had to scoop this fun number up!!! I loved the fit and it pretty much covered every trend this summer
off the shoulder, embroidery and tassels! Of course It's not online boo but I have linked others that are just as great and probably a better fit as we transition into fall. I have also linked some other favs that will take us right into oct when it sorta cools off here in the south! Happy shopping this great deal! 

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Mom Pack under $40

Well never though a fanny pack would become part of my fashion look but alas motherhood. So it's summer right and I never seem to have pockets when I need them but still love to have ya know the essentails (keys, phone, bibs) enter the fanny pack!!! Now i know there are some leather more fashion forward ones out there but I wanted one that was under $40 and could hold up to toddlerhood. 
So happy I found this sweet little pack from priced at under $30 can hold a diaper, wipes, cell, key and pouch!!!!! Perfect for the playground to keep all my things!