Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Perfect Charleston Honeymoon frock.

Charleston is my favorite place...there I said it. 
This city had captured my heart
from the sweet southern charm to the architecture this place has it all (Georgian, Queen Anne, Greek Revival, Federal and probably a few more I can't remember from My interior design school days ;) 
This City has it all. 
Don't even get me started on the 
shopping and FOOD!!! 
( I wanted to lick my plate at FIG..... 
if I was alone I would have) 

Okay back to the Shopping!!! This city has it all, boutiques, antique shops, designer store fronts and some of my favorites chains . I usually hit up my norms on King street Gap, Forever 21 and Antro. I was looking for a boutique when I happily stumbled upon Affordable's Apparel 305 King Street! I fell in love with this beautiful and bright printed dress. Designer Everly $39.99! It ended up being a perfect dress to wear sightseeing as well as out to diner.

Hat: Fabrik $22
Flip Flogs: Gap $20
Tassel Necklace: Hot Pink Poo $10 
Sunglasses: Ann Taylor Loft $15

Friday, September 26, 2014

Boots and Booties galore from all under $40!!!

It's Boot season!!! 
Yay my feet scream no more flip flops, no more painful heel sloughing treatment at the nail place, no more changing polish every 3 days for a "new look". 

Here are some of my FAVORITES at!!! I usually just pop into the local TJMAXX which is dangerously close to my house.

This is the first time I have ordered online and I was pleasantly pleased on the amount of selection that TJ's has on their site!!! 
I love a site that lets me decide what price point I want to stay in and what size I am looking for this helps me get discouraged when I see a shoe I LOVE but it not in my price point or size 

Love these peep toe booties!
They come in black and tan...both might be in my shopping cart right now ;)

Classy night out on the town shoe
I like what you are putting down Pairs Hilton
Also comes in a wonderful burgundy color 

Another Fab pair from Ms. Hilton. I am obsessed with these 
I can see wearing them with skinny jeans and a moto jacket!

These are just plain cool!
Silver metallic tassel perforated bootie.
All of my favorite things.

Short Tassel rain boots 
Bring on the showers! 

Gals looking for a tall affordable riding boot look for further then this lovely boot with buckle accent!

Golden Mustard Loft shirtdress: Perfect fall staple!

I have been running around town in this beyond adorable shirtdress what seems like 
every other day! It's my new go to for a dress I can wear to a morning meeting or getting my hair highlighted, cut and(curled perfectly) with the always fabulous Amanda Horne from Salon Marsof in Decatur. 

Back to the cute dress!!!

Loft Shirtdress originally
Drum roll please.......

Shirt dress now.....

Yay such a deal and I can't wait to start layering with this sweet little golden mustard dress. 
I'm thinking leggings with cardigans or knee socks with blazers ;)

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Do you prefer fashion victim or ensemble challenged? The 90's are back with crop tops and knee high socks!

The 90′s are back and what screams that more than a crop top and knee highs?! I felt very Cher Horowitz in this ensemble! I must say I was a bit nervous and keep thinking of one my my favorite clueless quotes "Do you prefer fashion victim or ensemble challenged?" But I ended up getting lots of compliments.  Sometimes when trying out a trend it’s fun to just dive right in! Plus when you can get both pieces for under $30 from Target thats a steal! I added a Target clutch for $16.99 and knee socks for $6.99. Oh and my killer 90's style chain..ya I made that from some chain I purchased at Hobby Lobby for $4 then just tied it in the back with a simple small ribbon! 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Boutique shopping under $40: Featuring Dunwoody Fab'rik

Boutique shopping is the topic of the day!!! For anyone who follows me you know my love for Fab'rik and the Dunwoody Location is just minutes from my house..which can be dangerous ;) It was an honor to spend the afternoon shooting some of my favorite under $40 pieces from this high style boutique! Melissa the store manager and Jamie personal stylist are awesome and helped me navigate the store and put together 4 FANTASTIC outfits all with items under $40!!!!

Pros of Shopping at Fab'rik boutiques

1. CUSTOMER SERVICE...this is the number 1 reason why I love shopping boutiques! fab'rik's employees are always super helpful putting together looks and helping you find items that fit your body type! I love to shop and put together looks but I know that for some ladies it can be super intimidating! Never fear the ladies at the dunwoody fab'rik love fashion and make putting together outfits for any occasion a snap!!!! 

2. Fab'rik carries a limited number of each piece so you can be sure that not every other girl will be walking around in your exact outfit!

3. Community Well-being, shopping local is something I truly believe in! Locally owned business build strong communities, social relationships and contributing to local causes. 

4. All items (ect for denim) are priced under $100! Now I may have to stay under a $40 limit but that doesn't inhibit me from getting GREAT pieces and accessories that are quality and on trend! 

5. The experience!!!! I love to come in with a few girl friends get a cup of bubbly and ow and ah over all the pretty dresses, unique and local jewelry. There is comfortable seating and all the new fashion mags to look over while you are waiting for your friends to put on a fashion show for you! 

Outfit #1 Featuring SALE items buy one get one FREE (music to my ears)
DRESS: $40
SHOES: $20 

 Outfit #2 Featuring SALE items buy one get one FREE (music to my ears)
TOP: $38
SHORTS: $38 
SHOES: $20 
BAG: $40

 Outfit #3 Featuring SALE items buy one get one FREE (music to my ears)
HAT: $18
ROMPER: $36 
SHOES: $20 
CUFF $20
SHOES: $20

 Outfit #4 Featuring SALE items buy one get one FREE (music to my ears)
TOP: $44...I know opps but I get my 20% off bride discount 
HAT: $36
SHOES: $20 

 Outfit #5 Featuring SALE items buy one get one FREE (music to my ears)
DRESS: $40
SHOES: $20 
NECKLACES $38 and $20

Make sure you drop in and take a look at the fantastic SALE items at Dunwoody   Fab'rik buy one get one FREE 
Doesn't get anything thrifter then that ;)