Sunday, September 7, 2014

Do you prefer fashion victim or ensemble challenged? The 90's are back with crop tops and knee high socks!

The 90′s are back and what screams that more than a crop top and knee highs?! I felt very Cher Horowitz in this ensemble! I must say I was a bit nervous and keep thinking of one my my favorite clueless quotes "Do you prefer fashion victim or ensemble challenged?" But I ended up getting lots of compliments.  Sometimes when trying out a trend it’s fun to just dive right in! Plus when you can get both pieces for under $30 from Target thats a steal! I added a Target clutch for $16.99 and knee socks for $6.99. Oh and my killer 90's style chain..ya I made that from some chain I purchased at Hobby Lobby for $4 then just tied it in the back with a simple small ribbon! 


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