Thursday, January 15, 2015

Meaningful artwork for under $40.

Meaningful artwork for under $40!

After moving into our new space I wanted new everything. Nothing looked quite the same as it did in the old adobe...especially all our artwork. It was a collection mostly from Homegoods or Target that I had purchased when we moved into our place 4 years ago!!! Nothing other then a few thrifted pieces or personal photographs made the cut! Off to Goodwill went the art that I had purchased just to fill space! Now I was left with fresh walls but a limited budget and wanting to buy some art a little more meaning to me as well as supporting artists directly!

I have been following Tide and Bloom  a local Atlanta artist on instagram for a while and really loved her fresh geometric take on botanicals! After pulling this West Elm bedding out of storage I knew flora-14 $30 would go beautifully! The print came SOOO FASSSTT and I couldn't wait to frame it!!
Now finding a quality frame at $10 can be a bit difficult. That's where the Pottery Barn outlet comes into play! This frame was only $9.99  it did have quite a few scratches on it but was an easy fix with a fresh coat of white spray paint!

For my second pottery barn outlet frame $14.99 (also required some new paint)
I choose this Popwheel Art watercolor from my Master bedroom pinterest board. The artist is out of Portland and I was able to order this wonderful watercolor though her page for $12. I loved the scale of this watercolor compared to the surrounding white matting. 

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