Wednesday, February 18, 2015

LOFT 50% OFF SALE!!!!! Jean 70's style Jumpsuit

Hello 70's Denim Jumpsuit! 

Everything in fashion eventually comes back in style! This past year we saw skater dresses, oversized plaid and even PLATFORMS come back in style thanks to the revival of the 90's. So some reason probably because it makes me feel old cause I can remember and have photo evidence of wearing these trends in 8th grade I just can't commit to wearing them!!! So I am passing on 90's trends for this upcoming spring and diving into the 70's!

I kinda love how the 70's are being represented this spring in some of my favorite stores! I shopped this look at The Forum on Peachtree Loft Store The wonderful employees were just as excited as I was for this jumpsuit!! I styled this  jean jumpsuit  with a leather necklace, oversize sunnies and graphic floral clutch that felt very 70's to me! I also threw on a pair of suede boots from Macy's  to complete the look!
50% off sale starts this friday!!!
Jumpsuit: Not online yet..ekkkk but I will keep checking for a link!!!

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