Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Post Pregnancy outfit. Joggers are real pants....promise

So yes its been like a million years since I have done an outfit post! I must say the first month after giving birth I wore a gross lanolin stained bathroom, yoga pants that I had cut the elastic out of the sides so they would fit and house slippers not exactly blogger chic! I may not quite be ready to sport real pants with zippers or fitted dresses with heels but I needed to put together some cute and comfortable postpartum looks that I could wear out and about and feel good about myself.
Here are 4 ways to be comfortable but not look like a total slob ;)

1. Joggers: Hello comfortable and pretty darn forgiving! I purchased these from TJmaxx for $12.99 can't beat that price! 
2. Cute flats: I really needed to retire my crocs and gross walking the dog uggs from my daily look. I found these adorable quilted keds from DWS for a steal at $22!
3. Vests: I love to throw a vest over a cute hoodie to stay warm and also can be zipped up to hide some post baby pudge. 
4. Cute sweatshirts or hoodies: Love this black and gray stripped shirt from TJmaxx for $16.99 
it also had zippered pockets a major plus for putting your cell phone or keys in when carrying baby!

Hat is from Khols on sale from $32 to $12!

This may not be high fashion but it sure beats my bathrobe look!

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