Thursday, November 17, 2016

Best Bra in town

I was looking for a new bra since I am officially done breastfeeding it was time to retire my snap bra and get a new one! I'm not one that likes much help from employees I usually say I'm good thanks but NOT when shopping for a bra. I immediately unloaded what I was looking for on the nice sales associate and she whisked me though the store and into the dressing room for a quick measure and then came back with lots of options! This may not be the bra for super busty ladies but for the smaller  ladies out there this one is perfect! No underwire but surprisinlgy TONS of support and yay a bit of cleavage. They are now on sale for 50% off!!! Not many colors left online but that's not to say your local VS is not stocked!!! Happy Bra shopping!

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