Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Affordable Mountain theme Playroom

Hi! This is Layna (Janelle’s twin) from Colorado. She gave me several ideas on paint colors and cost effective playroom items, so she asked me to share our playroom with you! 

After our family room started to look like a toy factory we decided we wanted to give Grayson another space to play. Thus, the playroom idea was formed! Of course my first stop was spending countless hours (and by hours I mean one), pinning ideas on Pinterest. I wanted to do a mountain mural, but not have it be very realistic, more just the outlines of the peaks. There were plenty of pins that gave step by step directions on how to tape the mountains. Thankful my dad is a retired painter. He taught us several tricks to be able to have super crisp lines. After he painted the top half of the room, Dave (hubby) and I spent the night taping and re taping the lines until we had the mountain scene we liked. Then my dad came back the next day and painted the bottom half and did touch ups. After the painting was finished we added a new rustic ceiling fan, new curtains, shelves, cloud stickers, and the toy shelf. We painted the IKEA spice racks (books shelves) to match the walls. The projects look longer than excepted (hello… life with a one year old), but the finished product was well worth it! It is now a space where Grayson loves to play and we enjoy spending time in as a family. 
My favorite part is having time to just play with Gray without the distraction of dishes or laundry. And anyone with a toddler knows having different spaces around the house to play in are great when kids need a change of scenery. 

Grayson recently has found a love of reading! He will sit in contently his chair and turn the pages of his books. However, he just started to bring us books to read to him as he backs up to sit in our laps. It is adorable! 

I was inspired by reading some information on Montessori play to keep one item/bin of toys on each shelf. That way he doesn’t get overwhelmed and actually “plays” more. I used stickers from Hobby Lobby to label some of the bins. It also makes clean up a breeze because everything has its own space. I keep his other toys in the closet and switch them out every week. 

I am so excited to use this measuring stick to see how fast he is growing! I saw several ideas on Pinterest on how to use reclaimed wood to make your own, but it was half off at Hobby Lobby which made it more cost effective than a DYI. 

This fan! Thank you Home Depot! I love the rustic aspects of this ceiling fan. Of course Grayson LOVES playing with the remote and dimmer.  And huge props to the hubby who has now almost put a fan in every room upstairs! 

I love cute wall art and knick knacks, but keeping them out of reach of baby was important too. I love how the shelf is large enough to hold lots of decorative items. Bonus…somewhere to put my phone and drink out of sight and hands of baby. 
Hobby Lobby Items- 
IKEA items-
Spice racks: (painted and used as book shelves):
Target/Amazon items-

Stuffed elephant chair: (found at target-not on website) $39

Toy storage bins:

And of course in the non-perfect social media world- this is what the playroom usually looks like! 

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