Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Lux hoodie a mom favorite everywhere.

Finally found an inexpensive super lux hoodie worthy of the extra $8. Was shopping this weekend at Shops around Lenox with a friend who suggested we pop into +lululemon athletica . It's not one of my go to's simply because 1. Everything is mostly over $40 and 2. I had a VERY unfortunate job interview with them at the height of the recession where I sat in a room with 25+ collage graduates all looking for part-time work. After the 3rd interview I think my lack of yoga skills did me in) Well I'm glad I put that all behind me and went in for a look! 
I scored!!!
A hoodie with pockets that zip 
Super fab fit and fabric with high collar to keep out the chills
A quality piece for a great sale price of $48

I checked out online and they got nada so please please check out your local store to score some fabulous sale items!

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