Wednesday, May 31, 2017

mixing prints: How to mix patterns like a pro

This combo sorta happened by accident as I was shooting a bunch of outfits in my car and couldn't find the white pants I was planning on pairing with this cute top...end of story I don't hate this combo! The black and white shirt looks like palm fronds which I thought was cute with the palm tree shorts!!!! The shorts are no longer online wahhhh but I have linked the shirt below! Every once in a while I come across a piece at @oldnavy that is a must have like this top. Everything about it makes it look and feel more expensive which of course is my main thrill in life. The tassels and cute embroidered bottom all scream boutique while the price tag $26 is a steal!!! 

The perfect length short for mommy/son slide rides

Yes I admit at 35 I still love a shorty short! However after an unskilled mother/son slide fail at gymboree where my underwear was on view for the world (according to my hubby...the horror on his face was unpleasant and now that I think about it quite rude lol) I decided I needed a good bermuda short. 

Well that was harder to find then I thought. American Eagle is my go to for denim pants so I thought I would hit them up first. Unfortunately their idea of long in shorts meant cheeks out for me! So I left with nothing and continued to find nada at the mall until I checked out loft. 

I am a pretty consistent loft shopper (only when they have the major sales) So 40% off everything meant I could find a lot of cute items under $40. I was super excited to find some longer denim that fit great and I could also easily roll up for a shorter look! 

Of course the sale is over waaahhh and I didn't blog in time typical but everyone is in LUCK! These shorts are on sale for $39 so please do your gams a favor and grab a pair for summer I am sure they will become your favs!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Overalls not over $40

I was on the hunt for overalls at the mall the other day and looked high and low...just kidding I had an 18 month old with me so literally can only go into 1 shop before he's over it! Thank goodness the first pair at H&M I tried on I loved and the price tag $34.99 not too shabby! I'm digging any trend right now where I can sit down and not have to stuff in my tummy baby left over fat into my pants. Plus the hubby seemed jazzed I looked like a farm girl ;) 

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Beach babes

This maxi screamed beach so I just had to scoop it up the evening before we left for the beach. I was supposed to just be buying sunscreen, swim diapers and travel snacks but you know...TARGET got the best of me! Couldn't pass up the price at $29.99 and the length yay it was almost long enough #tallgalprobs. Beau's outfit is probably much cuter then mine and all on sale from Janie and Jack YAY I seriously love their stuff even though it is a bit pricey it holds up so well and I can always get things on sale or even SUPER sale when you buy off season! Hopefully the day will never come when Beau tells me that item is so last season mom. =)

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