Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The perfect length short for mommy/son slide rides

Yes I admit at 35 I still love a shorty short! However after an unskilled mother/son slide fail at gymboree where my underwear was on view for the world (according to my hubby...the horror on his face was unpleasant and now that I think about it quite rude lol) I decided I needed a good bermuda short. 

Well that was harder to find then I thought. American Eagle is my go to for denim pants so I thought I would hit them up first. Unfortunately their idea of long in shorts meant cheeks out for me! So I left with nothing and continued to find nada at the mall until I checked out loft. 

I am a pretty consistent loft shopper (only when they have the major sales) So 40% off everything meant I could find a lot of cute items under $40. I was super excited to find some longer denim that fit great and I could also easily roll up for a shorter look! 

Of course the sale is over waaahhh and I didn't blog in time typical but everyone is in LUCK! These shorts are on sale for $39 so please do your gams a favor and grab a pair for summer I am sure they will become your favs!

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