Wednesday, September 19, 2018

When it feels impossible to find a shirt and pant that match in your laundry pile...Jumpsuit to the rescue.

Dang.....Guess its been almost a year since I blogged 😁. I guess getting pregnant and having a baby while trying to keep a VERY active two year old boy alive took it's toll on my time management skills or lack there of. So baby #2 Baylor is officially 3 months old and sleeping though the night so I'm backing feeling human. Back to attempting to look cute and be least a few times a week and most important of all BACK to bringing you deals under $40! 

The jumpsuit...its been around for a while! Elsa Schiaparelli put the jumpsuit on the map in the 30's and shook up the Paris couture scene with her daring designs. She even created an easy-on, easy-off air-raid suit, complete with matching gas mask, velvet turban and flask. And they say fashion can’t be practical.

Well I might not gas masks ( or maybe I do...sigh diapers) or flasks to accessorize my jumpsuits but I do love to sport one with a stylish mom tennis shoe and a easy to carry purse. 

Check out this jumpsuit from Old Navy. 30% off until September 19th.

Love this one in blush and olive green!

This one is in my shopping cart!!! LOVE

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